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Welcome to the Empowerment Season podcast! My sole goal is to help put you in TOTAL CONTROL of YOUR life. I will shine light on things in your life you may be unaware of, unconscious of or just don’t wanna acknowledge that you have total control over. And once you take TOTAL CONTROL, once you EMPOWER YOURSELF, then you’ll truly be in the best seat to take your life where you wanna go.

Feb 28, 2018

I get a bunch of social media DMs asking for advice or help – I respond to every single one. Every so often, someone asks for a face-to-face coffee chat with me and I make it happen whenever I can.

This podcast is one of those meetings. A young man DM'd me to talk shop about a YouTube channel he wants to launch in...

Feb 21, 2018

Whether you are in a position of leadership at your job, at home, at school, among your group of friends – the key to unlocking bigger levels of wins is recognizing it's not about you.

One of the big mistakes I made in my early professional and personal lives is trying to cater things to what I wanted. I...