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Welcome to the Empowerment Season podcast! My sole goal is to help put you in TOTAL CONTROL of YOUR life. I will shine light on things in your life you may be unaware of, unconscious of or just don’t wanna acknowledge that you have total control over. And once you take TOTAL CONTROL, once you EMPOWER YOURSELF, then you’ll truly be in the best seat to take your life where you wanna go.

Jun 14, 2017

It's my birthday today...Gemini season, baby!

I only have 2 wishes on this day: 1) MOVE. Move on what's on your heart. Move on what moves you. And 2) GIVE. If you're already moving and successful, I wish that you give and serve those around you. If we create a society of givers and uplifters, we all rise – we all win. There's enough to go around – trust me!

Thank you for your support and I appreciate your ears. Love yall.