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Welcome to the Empowerment Season podcast! My sole goal is to help put you in TOTAL CONTROL of YOUR life. I will shine light on things in your life you may be unaware of, unconscious of or just don’t wanna acknowledge that you have total control over. And once you take TOTAL CONTROL, once you EMPOWER YOURSELF, then you’ll truly be in the best seat to take your life where you wanna go.

Aug 9, 2017

I didn't realize it until the day I learned he died, but the biggest thing I learned from my former college professor Jake Highton wasn't about journalism...
Jake showed me that you can be build a legacy on being unapologetically yourself.
It's fascinating. The things we're honoring him for now are the same things a lot of us hated him for.
I hated when he gave me my lowest grade in a college course. I hated when he chewed me out for being late to class. I hated his red pen draped all over my assignments.
How many times do you think people talked bad about him or said he should go easier on his students? Probably hundreds. But did that change him? Hell no.
He was truly himself until has last day. And we loved him for it.
PS, he'd probably pull out a red pen and mark up this post if he could. Thank you for everything, Jake.