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Welcome to the Empowerment Season podcast! My sole goal is to help put you in TOTAL CONTROL of YOUR life. I will shine light on things in your life you may be unaware of, unconscious of or just don’t wanna acknowledge that you have total control over. And once you take TOTAL CONTROL, once you EMPOWER YOURSELF, then you’ll truly be in the best seat to take your life where you wanna go.

Oct 26, 2017

You really wanna be what you say you are instead of acting like it on social media? It requires extreme self-discipline.

The discipline to get up & put in the work every day.

Discipline to get off the internet and stop watching dumb videos so you can focus.

Discipline to take risks.

Discipline to stop acting off your emotions.

Discipline to say you’re gonna do something & DO IT.

Discipline to remove distractions from your life.

Discipline to resist temptations to be lazy, take the easy road, mislead your partner or not give it 100%.

Discipline to stop scrolling forever on Snapchat while you’re on the toilet.

Discipline to not hit the snooze button 8 times.

Discipline to eat, train and rest when it’s time to fuel your body so you can be a more efficient machine.

Discipline to work to create the life you desire instead of posting about it.

Discipline yourself ... so no one else has to do it for you. Self-discipline is the true path to personal freedom.